Conferencing is a powerful feature that lets multiple users from different locations collaborate together by dialing a separate conference bridge. You may host conferences with your employees or clients from any One Stop VoIP enables device, so you may host meetings and discussions no matter where you are.

What are the advantages of conferencing?
  • Speed up your business by having an opportunity to make quick decisions and their implementation
  • Hold conferences with unlimited number of participants
  • Conduct sales, employee training etc. without using a third party conference system
  • Save time on travel between locations by being able to host or join a conference from wherever you are
  • Secure your conferences with a password so only the people you want could join the meeting

How does it work?

All users will be given a number to call and One Stop VoIP conferencing system will connect them in one call to have a meeting. Your conferences are password protected to make sure that only the participants you want will be participating.

How much does it cost?

With One Stop VoIP conferencing is free for up to 3 participants on all enabled devices. You may purchase additional conference bridges and minute bundles based on your professional needs. Please ask one of our agents for more details.