Auto Attendant 

One Stop VoIP internet fax service gives you an amazing opportunity to send faxes from your email, desktop application or online user portal and receive them as PDF delivered to your email.You can forget about wasting copy paper, buying fax machines and toner and start enjoying the numerous benefits of your new fax solution. Above all, our fax solution is HIPAA compliant and 100% reliable. You may keep your current number or get a new local or toll-free number. Contact us to learn more about our cost-effective service plans and pick one that fits your business needs.

What can Internet Fax do for you and your business?
  • Eliminate costs of office supplies
  • Let you send and receive fax from wherever you are
  • Boost your productivity by sending / receiving faxes simultaneously
  • Set up distribution groups for specific users
  • Meet HIPAA compliance


Can I still be using my fax machine together with Internet Fax?

Yes, you can. With a Fax Enable device installed with your fax machine, you may continue using it like you did before.

Can I add a cover page when sending fax from email ?

Yes you can. Whatever you put in your email body will serve as a cover page.

How many attachments can I add when sending fax via email?

You may add up to 5 attachments when sending a fax via email.

How will I know if my fax was delivered ?

Once your fax has been delivered you will get an email confirmation.