Follow Me

Follow Mee

Follow Me feature from One Stop VoIP allows you to receive phone calls even if you are out of your office. You will never miss a phone call with Follow Me because all the calls are forwarded to the telephone number of your choice. For example your office phone can be set to ring for a certain amount of time and if nobody picks up the call will be transferred to any other telephone number of your choice.

What are the advantages of Follow Me?
  • Do not risk missing an important phone call if you are out of office
  • Improve business continuity
  • Improve customer service and customer satisfaction

How many times can he call be forwarded to a different number before it goes to voicemail?

One Stop VoIP “Follow Me” feature is designed to be forwarded to up to 3 numbers in a row before it goes to your voicemail. For example if the call goes to number “A” it will be forwarded to number “B” and then, if no one picks up the call will be transferred to number “C”.

What happens if a forwarded call is not picked up?

If the phone which the call is transferred to is not picked up then the caller will be forwarded to the voicemail of your office phone and you will receive an email notification once a message is left.

Do I choose for how long each phone to ring before it is forwarded to the next one?

You may choose the phones to ring sequentially or simultaneously. In sequential ring type you may set a certain amount of rings before the call is forwarded to another phone. When you choose a simultaneous ring type multiple phones you choose will ring at the same time until one of them is picked up.