What is Hosted PBX?

Cloud (Hosted) PBX is a phone system which uses cloud based technology to operate versus being on premises of the user. Hosted PBX from One Stop VoIP offers a wide range of features that are used by Fortune 500 companies daily at a low monthly cost. One Stop VoIP handles the call routing or switching as well as all maintenance involved in the hosted PBX service. Companies that use Cloud PBX get access to features that will help to expand your business, improve customer service, gain credibility, promote new products and so much more. Among such features are:




Auto attendant
Follow Me
Call forwarding
Custom greeting
Music on hold and many more

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Low Start Up Cost – With Hosted PBX you don’t need to make large investments when purchasing the system or maintaining it as opposed to the on premise PBX. With a Hosted PBX the entire system is operated and maintained by One Stop VoIP.

Cost of Ownership – Cloud PBX system does not require IT staff to maintain the system or any hardware, which is a significant cost advantage compared to the on premise PBX.

Setup Time – Compared to a traditional telephone system, Cloud PBX can be set up and ready to use in no time

Ease of Use- Hosted PBX is a lot easier to use and make changes to than the traditional on premise PBX. No special skills or experience required from the end user.

Scalability- Hosted PBX gives your business the freedom to add additional lines and phone numbers as you grow depending on the needs of your business.

No Office Boundaries – When using Hosted PBX  the customer may work from any location as the phone system is using Cloud technology. You may set up your office at home, other office, mobile phone or even outside your country.

Local Presence- Hosted PBX gives your business the opportunity to purchase local numbers in the city / country of your interest and without actually being in that location. This allows you be virtually present anywhere you want and expand your business.

Credibility- With features offered by Hosted PBX you will help your business gain credibility by introducing customers or partner businesses to a professional system with your personal greeting, ring groups, recorded promotions etc.