Ring Groups

Ring Groups

One Stop VoIP Ring Group is a feature that allows you to have a preassigned group of phones ring when one certain extension or number is dialed. This feature allows your business to efficiently distribute calls between different departments to make them more productive and maintain high customer satisfaction level.

What are the advantages of having Ring Groups?
  • Distribute incoming calls from your customers efficiently
  • Decrease customer wait time
  • Increase the overall productivity of your departments
  • Set up ring patterns

How many extensions can be in a ring group?

You can organize your ring groups the way you want without limitations. There is no limit to the number of extensions in a ring group

What is a ring pattern?

A ring pattern is the way a call is distributed in a ring group. There are 3 types of ring patterns:

  • Cyclic
  • Cyclic repetitive
  • Simultaneous