Polycom VVX 101


or $5.00/month

One-line business media phone with enterprise grade sound quality ideal for home offices or shared common areas.

Polycom VVX 201


or $7.00/month

Business media phone with two-line SIP and Polycom HD Voice technology for small businesses.

Polycom VVX 310


or $9.00/month

Powerful entry-level phone for today’s cubicle workers handling a low to moderate volume of calls.

Polycom VVX 410


or $12.00/month

Color mid-range business media phone is designed for today’s office workers, delivering crystal clear communications.

Polycom VVX 500


or $18.00/month

Performance business media phone that delivers best-in-class desktop productivity and unified communications.

Polycom VVX 600


or $22.00/month

Executive business media phone delivers rich voice and applications experience for busy corporate executives.

SoundStation IP 5000


or $33.00/month

An advanced IP conference phone with Polycom HD Voice clarity, designed for small conference rooms.

SoundStation IP 6000


or $39.00/month

A premium IP conference phone designed for midsize rooms that offers remarkable HD Voice clarity..

SoundStation IP 7000


or $58.00/month

Advanced IP conference phone featuring HD Voice clarity and Polycom video integration for midsize to large rooms.